Shimla Holiday Packages

How to get Reach Shimla for honeymoon package

BusA Shimla travel and tour package can be made with specific transportation arrangements for the convenience and comfort of travelers. Tourists will choose among a number of transportation modes depending on how they wish to experience India. The first method is by airplane. The airport at Jubbarhatti in Shimla is only 23 kilometers away and has direct routes to Delhi, Chandigarh, Manali and Kullu. Daily flights are available and take only over an hour to get from one point to the next. There are a number of airlines that cater to tourists regularly such as Jagsons Airways, Kingfisher and Kingfisher Red. Air travel is preferred by many tourists because it’s fast and easy. They can fly directly from their country of origin to Delhi and then to get reach Shimla for honeymoon.

PlaneShimla is also accessed by many tourists using the railway. Kalka is only 96 kilometers away from Shimla and offers the closest railway station. Other Shimla honeymoon packages will let visitors get in from Delhi or Mumbai and then lead them to Kalka which will offer a small train towards Shimla. Delhi and Mumbai currently have no straight routes via train to Shimla . The trains available include the Himalayan Queen, the Kalka New Delhi Shatabdi, the Paschim Express Slip and the Chandigarh Chennai Link Express. A number of travelers like to experience the beauty of the Himalayas and neighboring towns and villages by taking the road towards Shimla.

TrainThere are several roads that lead to the city from various major Indian cities. Bus and taxi rides are available on a daily basis. The tourism department of Himachal Pradesh handles bus rides for tourists going in and out of the capital city. Bus rides are the cheapest but will take several hours longer. There are also private vehicles and taxis that can drive people straight into the city.

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